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If Antraïgues is a striking village, it owes it for a large part to its geology. It contains a unique volcanic heritage constituted, among others, by the Espissart waterfall, the Rocher du fromage (cheese rock) and  basalt flows. This urban walk will thus mix village and volcanic atmospheres.
Who doesn't know Antraïgues and its famous figure outlined on its rocky spur ? Well, this walk offers a discovery of this picture's back. Antraïgues is a  typical village that owes a large part of its beauty to its geology. It doesn't only boast Jean Ferrat's tomb and its famed central square, but also  a unique geological heritage, among which the Espissart waterfall, the Rocher du fromage (cheese rock), and basalt flows that have little to envy to those of Jaujac or Thueyts.


  1. After a look at the Espissart waterfall (it runs only after rain), follow the road to the village.
  2. At the crossroads, turn right towards "Antraïgues centre bourg". Head past the cemetery and the school on your left and go to the center of the village.
  3. At the intersection, take the direction "place de la Résistance" on your right.
  4. At the square, take the chemin de la Soie (silk path) that goes down immediately on your left and follow the calade (cobblestone path).
  5. At the intersection, turn right (chemin des Muletiers). At the S bend, turn right on the calade. You are going out of the village to arrive at the Rocher du fromage that you can see below. At the foot of the rock, head past it and carry on straight ahead.
  6. At the end of the road, turn left along a "béalière" (irrigation canal). Follow it, and then the columnar basalt above you on your left, up to the interpretive board explaining it. Follow this road up to the last columns.
  7. Take the stairs up on your left. Follow the winding calade and, 50 m before reentering the village, take the stairs up on your right.
  8. Once on the route des Allevards, turn left towards the village center, then immediatly right (towards the city hall).
  9. This time, while going down, take the stairs on your left, in front of the Espissart, where you will find an interpretive board, and go down to the parking lot, your starting point.
  • Departure : From the Geopark totem pole in Antraïgues
  • Towns crossed : ANTRAIGUES-SUR-VOLANE

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Access and parking

From Aubenas, take the road D578 to Antraïgues.

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