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This easy and pleasant walk will lead you through one of the grandest landscapes in the Monts d'Ardèche Park, to discover a unique site: a pile of eleven basalt flows.
In a majestic landscape, in front of the Mézenc-Gerbier range, rises one of the Monts d'Ardèche Park's treasures: the village of Saint-Clément, home to the Ecole du vent. The village as well as the school are perched on a lava plateau shaped by eleven flows from the Mézenc's volcanic activity. Here, 12 million years ago, the Monts d'Ardèche volcanism started. The horizontality of the landscapes has two causes :  on the one hand, the terraces, clearly visible at the bottom of the valley, and on the other hand, the lava flows, far more unusual, that constitute the frame of Saint-Clément. This walk will help you to identify lava flows.


  1. From the Ecole du Vent, take the road D247 towards the bottom of the village, to the viewpoint indicator that will give you a first glimpse of this stunning landscape. You are in front of the biggest phonolitic range in Europe !
  2.  After the viewpoint indicator, continue on the road for 1.5 km.
  3. Just after the crossways, go right towards Les Estrets, then turn left on the path going uphill in the basalt flows and follow it up to a narrow road.
  4. Take the road on the left to go back to the village of Saint-Clément.
  • Departure : Ecole du vent (wind school) Saint-Clément
  • Towns crossed : SAINT-CLEMENT

Altimetric profile

Access and parking

In the middle of nowhere but at the center of everything, Saint-Clément can be reached from the Eyrieux Valley on the road D278 then D247.
From Saint-Martin-de-Valamas, you can go down there from the Velay Plateau via Fay-sur-Lignon on the D247 and from the Southern Ardèche, go to Mont Mézenc and follow the road D410.

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