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These two volcanoes, Haute-Loire twins to the Jaujac crater, are characterized by their well preserved shape. The Petit Suc is a particularly fine example. Its height is 1272 meters. The Grand Suc, only about  20 m higher, has a chipped cone. It emitted a lava flow that poured into the Holme Valley down to Goudet. The walk among trees has a pleasant forest atmosphere and will enable you to see beautiful volcanic cross-sections at the quarry.


  1. Leave the parking lot towards the big cross and take the road on the right.
  2. After a few hundred meters, it turns left towards the Monts. Stay on the main road. It will become a wide track suitable for vehicles.
  3. After 1.5 km, you will reach a crossways (Pole marker "Présailles n°6") take the path going uphill on the left.
  4. After 400 m, you will reach an intersection. Carry on straight ahead, past board n°5. Continue up to an intersection of three paths.
  5. Turn right to continue on the loop.
  6. Or you can take a return trip to one of the summits by taking the path on your left or the one straight ahead. Come back to step 5.
  7. At the next intersection (board n°4) take the path on your left, perpendicular to the one you were on, Continue for about 500 m. When you reach a path as wide as yours, turn left. The path bears gradualy right and splits in three.
  8. Take the path on the right and cross the clearing. Carry on straight ahead. The path becomes more winding to reach another path. Take it on your right.
  9. You will reach a crossways with two big beech trees. Go straight ahead. The path follows the contour line, skirts the Sucs and leads to a road. Take it on the left for about 400 m.
  10. You will reach a path along and above a quarry on your left.
  11. After about 600 m on this path, take the one (VTT markings) going downhill perpendicularly to the track that led you to the Monts Breysse. Once on the track, take it on the right to go back to your starting point.
  • Departure : Présailles, at the church's Geo totem pole
  • Arrival : Présailles, at the geo totem pole

Altimetric profile

Access and parking

From Le Monastier, take the road D38 towards Présailles. When you see the cemetery, turn right towards Présailles.

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